Honestly, it's Thursday and I think my blood alcohol level is finally more blood/less alcohol.  The Canadian and I went on a pilgrimage to, what I consider to be, the Promised Land: Provence.  All the wine you can drink, all the cheese you can eat, all the lavender you can smell, medieval ruins, blue skies, stars, sunsets, sunrises and the sweet sound of French drifting around me.  I mean for real, it's bliss.

You might remember I took this little pilgrimage last year around the same time? (Here are the stories: Part 1 and Part 2) And that was the first time I met Sara from Le Petit Village - and I love me some Sara Louise.  (If you've read her blog, you know it's awesome -- but if you haven't the rest of this post might not make tons of sense)

Things we have in common (aside from our same name): Lots of moms (moms, stepmoms, in-law moms) and only one dad. Our dads are only children our moms come from enormous families. We're both Texans. We both wake up crazy early in the morning regardless of when we went to bed the night before. We married foreigners who are in love with raw meat (gross). We've both taken the train between Brasov and Bucharest in Romania (I know other people have done this, but I swear I've never met one...).  And, (and I forgot to tell Sara this), my VERY best friend from junior high, like the one you get into ALL the trouble with? her middle name is Louise. See? Love.

So, you can see why I wanted to hang with my sister from another mister for a weekend -- and I wanted to meet Gregory (um, I love him) and bring the Canadian down to my Holy Land. 

Now, Sara Louise loves lists, she makes one every day, so in honor of our visit, here's a list of how my trip to Provence went (not necessarily in order):

  1. Our rental car was a Mercedes Convertible (thanks upgrade fairy)
  2. Even though Sara lives in a new Le Petit Village, I got to see the original -- and I love me some LPV (even the old village with the nazi ghost zombies)
  3. I met Gregory, the Husband (and I can say that because she outed his name the day I got there!).  He is the most adorable teddy-bear in the world. And honestly, I have never laughed harder at some of the things he says...laughter to the point of tears. The Canadian and I are still laughing.
  4. I drank at Le Petit Bar, and I ordered from the Parisian
  5. The Canadian and I had an apéro with Papa's Wife (and Sara and Gregory) and the Canadian discovered saucisson (french sausage).  He bought some, and when he got back to London he inappropriately paraded it around the house.
  6. I met Fifty (the dog-child) -- he loved me, he was terrified of the tall Canadian. Fifty is awesome.
  7. The Canadian did really well with his French...mine was sort of broken.  And some things don't translate...
  8. The Canadian and I were supposed to go to La Petite's christening on Sunday morning....except I was hung over and dizzy from the night before -- so I missed the christening (the Canadian holds his booze better than I do) but I made the after-party.
  9. At La Petite's party, I met the entire cast of character's from LPV.  Honey Jr. (um, I might have snuck him into my baggage...), Honey's Honey, Papa (SO CUTE!), the Brother-in-Law, all of Child Bride's family and more. So much more.
  10. The Canadian learned how to play Pétanque which, when he says it with his Qubecois accent, it sounds like putain...(that is not a nice word). The game is kind of like curling but with balls and the Canadian and Gregory played on a team together in a tournament...they lost.
  11. The Canadian and Gregory formed a cute little bromance -- which is hard to translate into French. The Canadian was missing his little buddy when we got home.  Things the Canadian and Gregory have in common: Married to Texans, they love whiskey, they adore raw meat. That is enough for a life-long love affair.
  12. And then we all gathered at Le Petit Bar after the tournament...and this happened:
7/25/2012 07:20:39 pm

Words cannot express how much I'm in love with this post. ESPECIALLY that last photo (RE: the greatest photo of all time). In fact, I'm going to read it again. x.
Bisous de moi and a big ol' lick from Fifty!

7/26/2012 12:07:17 am

Seriously greatest photo ever. Love to you and my man Fifty. xxx

7/26/2012 12:01:41 am

I had to read your version of your weekend with Sara in the new LPV after reading Sara's. She makes me laugh in every post she writes about the tribe in the old and new LPV. After reading your post, sounds like it is all true.Thanks for sharing.

7/26/2012 12:06:11 am

Michel, it is ALL true!!! And fabulous :))

7/27/2012 08:45:04 pm

Found you on Sara's site and I'm very jealous of the promised land! Sounds like you had an amazing time!

7/27/2012 09:01:50 pm

Hi there, just came over from Sara Louise's blog. Sounds like you had a fun time, I smiled at your "met the entire cast of character's from LPV"-comment :)

8/5/2012 05:21:14 am

Wooo - it sounds like you had the most fantastic time!!! Yay! After my ridiculously short four days to France I finally get all the fuss.


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