I have been recovering from a week down in the south of France...and honestly, there might not be any Rosé left in the entire region of Provence (due, of course, to my drinking it all) and there are stories about this (naturally), but they will be for another day since I have some deadlines for actual stuff in my academic life...it's annoying when work intercedes with talking about getting drunk.  I find I don't like that...

Nevertheless, here are a few updates:
1) We made it through the riots and all seems quite calm these days...

2) I am settling in ok, save for the Sunday blues.  If you're from an 80's divorce in America, you probably have experienced the Sunday blues. 

Sunday is the day when your court order mandated you return to the primary custodial parent...good times...and because most of my friends have parents who divorced in the 80s, they know exactly what I mean. Sundays have always been notoriously difficult for me and I think it's a little bit of PTSD from my every other weekend visits and switching back and forth because some judge thought that was a good idea.  (I could write a book on this...)

Sundays in Austin were bad -- Sundays here are awful.  I find myself horribly homesick, uncomfortable and feeling as if I want to end this expat experience immediately.  It took me awhile to actually identify that this was a Sunday thing, and that it was amplified by being in a foreign country.  Being able to 'name the emotion' (can you tell I've been to therapy before?) has helped me to get through it. 

Most of the rest of the time, I'm generally in a good place, feeling more comfortable with my surroundings and adjusting to life over here.

3) I am making friends!!!  If I had not had this blog (which I created only because I was moving to London), I would never have found some of the wonderful people I've met here in London and in France.  I am trying to make friends with locals, but, I have to say, it is rather difficult.  Being used to the incredible friendliness of southerners in the States, I'm struggling with the aloofness of the Brits.  Unfailingly polite, but not ready to invite you home and welcome you into their lives, the English are lovely but difficult to befriend without a significant other or a network (such as a job or school) to provide a way of mingling with the locals.  So, as it turns out, most of my friends are expats with blogs.  My friend Melizza (here's her blog) and I have been toodling around London, drinking tea, visiting museums and having a grand time...more on all of this later in addition to a girls night in Avignon....(so many stories...)

4) The weather is down in the 50s at night. In August. This makes me nervous because right now in Texas, its an average of 105.  What am I going to do in the winter - I can barely handle the summer?!?!? 

5) I have such an awesome giveaway in September...seriously, I can't handle how good it is.  Oh -- you want a hint?  Well, it's from someone on 'My Favorite Things' -- have fun guessing!!!
8/19/2011 04:01:40 am

I can totally relate to the Sunday blues and didn't have to deal with the emotions that a kid with divorced parents had to. I just think Sunday is kind of depressing b/c you have school or work stretched out ahead of you and the fun is behind you and it's just kind of a bummer. Plus, if you are like me, you have a to do list a mile long that you haven't done anything about, the house is a mess, and you feel like crap about it! Anyway, I'm glad that you are starting to make friends and that you are doing lots and lots of exploring while you are over there!

8/19/2011 06:08:36 am

Heh. I get the Sunday night blues too but I think it stems from having to go back to school on Sunday evenings. These days it has more to do with not wanting to be anywhere near my office!!

It is lovely that you and Melizza can keep each other company during the days - just make sure you keep it up! English people are just impossible when it comes to building up friendships.

8/19/2011 01:40:50 pm

Re #4: Layer. Buy long underwear for under jeans and pants. Buy tights. Keep your feet warm. Buy cashmere. Buy accessories: scarves, wooly hats, gloves. I recommend the fingerless ones for iPhone use. Touch devices don't work with leather fingertips. Keep your radiator in front of a cold front.

Is it mean that I get a huge kick out of reading your London reactions? Not the Sunday depression, that sucks, but just the 'they do what?!' stuff. Brings back memories.

8/19/2011 01:45:26 pm

Oh and the friendship thing just takes time, lots and lots of time. Cool that you've got blogger buddies. I'd go to coffee with you if I were still there.


8/19/2011 07:02:09 pm

Hey lady, sorry to hear about the Sunday blues. Is there anything preventative you can do? You know, like schedule something fun for a Sunday afternoon or treat yourself to brunch with the papers or plan an outing - anything to distract yourself. Might help? Will be sending good vibes to you tomorrow!

(And re: winter - buy a sun lamp thing. SAD is fo' realz. http://betsytransatlantically.blogspot.com/2011/01/sad.html and http://betsytransatlantically.blogspot.com/2011/01/its-official.html)

8/21/2011 09:04:06 pm

I have been suffering from the blues more often than a Sunday, unfortunately. I blame boredom. Keeping busy (running, sewing, 'museum-ing') has been helping me.

I feel very very thankful that I get to visit with you, Mandy and former co-workers. One way conversations get old :)

That reminds me, it's time for a V&A visit to see the bling!


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