I told you way back in January that I wanted to make a list of 28 things in London that I wanted to do/see/fall in love with while I was there -- and I said I'd do it every Monday...except that today is Tuesday, because yesterday was not so hot (as you can see here...) and I was just too tired to take on this particular post.

So, in the spirit of 'keeping calm and carrying on' we are just going to do this post on Tuesday instead!

15) I want to go to an English wedding...and wear a fabulous hat!!!  I just feel like I need to do this at least a few times (three or four?) because I want to go *shopping* for the perfect hat on several different occasions.  I think I need a hat collection!  I'm pretty excited about this -- so, I'm putting it out there now:  If you are English, and getting married, I would like an invitation.  The fancier, the better.  I will be respectful and polite and make conversation with guests but please, oh please, let me come and celebrate with you so I can wear a hat!!
I love this hat on Princess Beatrice!! (click for source)
16) Visit Highclere Castle.  Ok, forgive me here...I broke the rules.  I know I said I would only post about things in London...but if you love, adore and are thoroughly addicted to Downton Abbey (as I am...) you'll forgive this teensy indiscretion.  I want to go so badly...maybe Sara Louise and Aidan Larson and I can plan a trip?  They can come to London, spend the night and then we'll head out to the country! Girls weekend to visit Downton Abbey...er, Highclere.
Downton Abbey...er Highclere Castle (click for source)
17) Afternoon Tea.  I want to do this several times over, because I love the ritual of finger sandwiches and scones (ok really, who doesn't???).  And clotted cream...so much clotted cream!!  The Langham on Oxford Street received the Tea Guild's 2010 award for best afternoon tea, so that's probably a good place to begin!
Tea at the Langham (click for source)
18) Visit the London Zoo.  There are some pretty ok zoos in Texas, but the best one I've ever been to thus far was the San Diego Zoo in California.  I want to see how the London Zoo compares...I bet it's great.  And who doesn't love spending the day with adorable animals?! 
19) Ethnic food.  I've heard a lot about the availability of fabulous Indian food in London (and yes, I will be gorging myself...never fear...) but there are other places/ethnicities I want to try in this cosmopolitan city -- like the Afghan Kitchen and Blue Elephant (Thai).  I've never had Afghan food, so, you know I think I'd like to haul out the ol' taste buds and give it a whirl!  I am certain that I'll be able to find a pretty diverse selection of ethnic foods...hopefully more along the lines of New York and Toronto which are both well known for their extraordinary variety of tasty diversity.
20) Absolut Ice Bar.  I've always wanted to see an ice hotel, restaurant or bar -- turns out, London has one, and that is so cool! (Surely you got my pun?  I know...it was pretty awful.)
The ice bar...a great place to chill out (Somebody stop me!) (click for source)
21) Join a club.  This sounds a little weird, but it's sort of an English (maybe British as well? I'm not as well versed on the topic) tradition to be a member of a club. There are a lot of varieties appealing to different needs/desires in a club.  Most of it is networking or social, but some are quite business oriented or politically inclined. I'm thoroughly intrigued by this since in the States, it's just not really done, or certainly not done well.  Here's one that has a particularly exclusive reputation: The Ivy.  If you have a suggestion of a club (and know someone who will invite me, since that is apparently how it's done...let me know)
2/22/2011 05:18:02 pm

16) count me in!

2/26/2011 04:57:02 am

I'll be interested in hearing what you think of The London Zoo. It's no secret I'm anti-zoo, but in the interest of experiencing something new with a friend's young toddler, I visited a couple of years ago. I left extremely depressed and far more anti-zoo ever before.

2/28/2011 12:58:47 am

I always wanted to go to a British wedding and wear a hat! I never got invited to one though. Perhaps someday... but I did have a fun pub crawl that had a theme of "wear something on your head" and I busted out a really fun big flowery thing.

Afternoon tea is GREAT. The Botanist at Sloane Square has reasonably priced champagne tea.


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