In case you missed it last week, every Monday I'm blogging about some of the things I want to do in London while living there.  Here's part 1, from last Monday -- and since today is Valentine's Day, I thought I would make this post about some of the more romantic things I'd like to do.  (Maybe this will also give you some ideas if you're a giant procrastinator and haven't planned something for your Valentine...)
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8) Kew Gardens. I love botanical gardens -- and nothing is more romantic than a stroll around nature at its most extraordinary.  Stolen kisses behind trees, hand holding on a gorgeous spring day, picnics on a blanket with a bottle of wine and maybe laying your head in your Valentine's lap...and then when you're finished you can walk in the treetops on the Rhizatron.  I'm hoping this summer the Canadian and I will be able to spend more than a few Saturdays out there.
The Rhizatron. (Click for source)
9) Tango.  When the Canadian and I first started dating, I gave him (well, the both of us) Tango lessons for Christmas.  After a few weeks, we started to get the hang of the basics but because the classes were on a weeknight, it was difficult to continue with our schedules at the time..  As it happened we also went to Argentina (and Uruguay) on our honeymoon, and completely fell in love with the culture there. I would love to take up the Tango again while we're in London as I've seen some weekend classes being offered. And seriously folks, it is a dance that just drips with sexy.
10) Kayak or Canoe the River Thames.  How fun, right?  What a fabulous way to see different parts of the city.  I love peaceful mornings on the water with just the sound of the paddles and canoe. 

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11) Eat at the Michelin starred restaurants.  Living in Austin (a city of around a million) we have our fair share of fine dining establishments and certainly if you drive a couple of hours to Houston there are several more.  But London has quite a few Michelin starred restaurants that I'm just itching to try.  Nothing like an exquisite meal to set the romantic mood...  (Here's a link to the 2011 ones if you're interested.)

12) Dancing in some fountains.  Turns out, in the Thames Barrier Park there are fountains for dancing!!  On a hot summer day the Canadian and I can splash around in the fountains (he would prefer it if I were in a white t-shirt...)  I don't know about you, but I think fountains are terribly romantic!
Fountains to play in!! (Click for Source)
13) Ice Skating. Fountains in the summer, ice rinks in the winter!  The Canadian loves to skate (he was on them at 3 years old...), and even though I was raised in Texas, I'm actually not bad (i.e. forward, backward, basic twirl...), thanks to the ice rink inside the Houston Galleria where I spent many a Saturday as a child.  Outdoor skating, however, is just not something that's really done in Texas (for obvious reasons) but is ubiquitous in Canada (my in-laws flooded their back yard every winter for an ice rink...).  I love the idea of being able to skate outside!  Plus in London, they flood the rinks in these fabulous locations like Somerset House and the Tower of London.  I'm looking forward to holding hands around the rink with my frosty Canadian.  (Apparently there are 10 different rinks to try!)
Somerset House Rink (Click for Source)
Hearts for Valentine's Day! So romantic! (Click for source)
14) Tantric massage. And here's where the blog goes from PG to R...sorry folks!! I've been kind of intrigued by the idea of Tantric massage, having heard about it from friends, but we don't really have a place in Austin that offers classes.  I found this place in London that will teach it to that the Canadian and I can learn give each other a tantric massage...épicé, non?
2/15/2011 05:19:10 pm

I'm a Michelin restaurant junkie. Every holiday is built around a Michelin restaurant. We're going to Lyon next month for our anniversary. Why Lyon? A buttload of Michelin starred restaurants!

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