When the Alanis Morissette Under Rug Swept Album came out in 2002, I was in the middle of a dealing with a completely shattered heart.  I can't even say broken because that wouldn't adequately describe the pain I was in during this affaire de cœur. I sat in bed for weeks listening to the song Flinch off of the album, over and over again, never bothering to listen to any other tracks.  Flinch is sort of the soundtrack to that time in my life.  It's a pretty dark song, only meant for gloomy days, a glass of red wine, and memories of old lovers.  If you're in the mood for that, have a listen...
As I said, I hadn't really ever listened to the rest of the album with any attention during that time, and then one day I decided to put away everything that reminded me of said affaire and so into a box the album went.  Fast forward to nine years later and also to moving into the 21st century by converting all of my CDs to MP3s, during which time I found the album, tucked away with some Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones (also soundtracks to the affaire).  After I'd loaded all of the Alanis songs onto the computer I finally sat down and listened to the rest of tracks, discovering that one of my favorites is 21 Things I Want in a Lover. 
As I listened, it sort of struck me that London is my newest lover -- we are about to be in a relationship for a couple of years and I should probably ask for a few things that I want from my new lover.  I realize I can't realistically ask for things like 80F temps and blue skies with big puffy clouds (like it was yesterday here in Austin...in January) but working within my geographic parameters etc., I thought I could make a list of to-dos and/or expectations that would make this the perfect expat experience. 

So, I've decided that each Monday in February (as it IS the month of love and lovers) I'm going to post seven things I want to do, have, or experience, with my new lover: London.  Since there are four Mondays in February, I'm taking a few liberties with the Alanis title and making it 28 things I Want (to do) in London.  Stay tuned for next Monday and the first seven things!  (On the 14th my post will be sexy, spicy, and romantic in honor of Valentine's Day of course!)
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